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Hello! I am Sandra, the owner and designer of Bowl Cut Paper Goods. For a long time, I wanted to create products to share with everyone but I could not quite put my finger on what I truly wanted to make. Nearing Lunar New Year in 2018 (the Year of the Dog), I suddenly had an idea to design lucky red envelopes personalized with different breed of dogs so that dog owners can further express their love for their furry friends. I went for it and that was how Bowl Cut Paper Goods started!

As a child, I loved to draw. I also had a bowl cut lovingly styled by my grandma. I do not have a bowl cut anymore, but I am still a kid at heart. I look back fondly at my childhood and have learned to really appreciate my culture as an adult now. My products are mostly Asian-inspired with a heavy dose of cute, a pinch of punny and topped off with a contemporary charm (who says cute cannot be sophisticated?)!


Welcome to Bowl Cut Paper Goods, and I hope you like what you see!

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